My wife is jeepney operator a member of association,we have legal franchised route and regularly submitting monthly statement to B.I.R., I noticed their problem after i'm resigning from job overseas, so i decided to focus this issue for the sake and welfare of other members who are also a victim of unfair and unjust practices.
We are in need of legal advise or legal action against the alleged financial turmoil and muscle flexing policy of their governance
Here are the facts:
-said association is not an S.E.C. registered.
-said association does not have by laws introduce to all members.
-said association not giving financial statement ever since they became a member.
-said association does not having an election for the new official,they imposed suspension punishment of a member upon addressing their grievances.
-said association over collecting  a "butaw" ( a term in collection of pilahan )php150.00 per trip plus php50.00 for terminal entrance fee-vice versa.
-said association president leaving outside the country and currently run by the secretary also a driver.
My Questions:
-Of what criminal charges we can file against the officials.
- Can we establish a new association and filling dissolution of the existing group as majority of a member suggested,if so,what legal requirements or legal steps for this process.
They are just small group of around 25 active members ,please help us in resolving above issues.

Thanks and Best Regards.